Officine della Cultura, has as general objective to promote and develop activities related to the production, development, management and communication of cultural and entertainment activities.
Specific primary objectives are: cultural development, also as a cultural economy of the territory in which it operates; promotion and development of artistic/cultural heritage; support for forms of artistic expression, with particular attention to young work and creativity and to forms of contamination of languages and cultures. Officine della Cultura, pursues the above objectives through work and professional growth of its members and workers (artists, technicians and organizers), creating spaces and opportunities for interaction and cultural aggregation, planning and management of festivals and musical events, theatrical and entertainment, producing and distributing on a national scale their musical and theatrical performances. Finally, it creates and develops educational activities for schools and audience, with the objective to increase attention and sensitivity to the cultural and entertainment market.

Balkan Agency
for Sustainable Development

BASD is an NGO – is a network of cultural organizations, regional agencies, training institutions in Balkans and EU countries. Activities both in the field of VET and arts: Socio-economic and sustainable development; Applying, implementation and management of EU funded projects; Energy efficiency and energy renewable sources; Architecture; Activities related to development of the labour market, preservation of human resources and policies in this area, demographic trends, protecting human rights; lifelong learning, development of education and training; Arts and Culture; Social inclusion, social economy, social and health services; Regional development, cross-border, transnational, interregional cooperation; Tourism, Rural Development; BASD have: Experts in training, research, innovations, needs analyses; awareness raising and networking. Member of Bulgarian platform for international development, Anna Lindh Foundation, Global Compact; representative for the Balkans of the Earth Charter.

EUROMASC – European Masters of Skilled Crafts ( ) is a consultancy with experience and competences from long time cooperation with national and international organisations within vocational education and training (VET). EUROMASC is tracing its origins back to 1995 as a 2008 spinoff from the Norwegian operation of the EU programme Leonardo da Vinci at the National Institute of Technology. It is involved in managing and monitoring as well as partnering and subcontracting in VET activities and projects.
EUROMASC is active in EU projects under the umbrella of Leonardo da Vinci, LLP and Erasmus+, together with participation in granted projects under the EEA Financial Mechanisms. EUROMASC has cooperated with the European Commission’s ECVET-Team for the implementation of ECVET in Europe and supports the EEA Financial Mechanisms and UNESCO/UNEVOC actions, networks and initiatives.
Core project content cover mobility measures relating to VET and corresponding sectors, transparency measures linked to Europass, ECVET and EQF including development of instruments and methods for recognition of qualifications and competences based on learning outcome descriptions.
The main target areas for the operation are the implementation of instruments for recognition of prior learning (RPL) including validation and accreditation of skills and competences. This is facilitating transparency and permeability between different strands of education and training and supporting lifelong learning in general.

EureCons Förderagentur GmbH is a private consulting and research company, operating nationally and internationally. It was founded in 2011. As an association of interdisciplinary, cooperating experts from science and practice, as well as international partners, EureCons Förderagentur GmbH offers support for companies and local authorities in all areas of strategic development and analysis (market research, forecasting, SWOT analysis, surveys, etc).In addition, EureCons Förderagentur GmbH offers support in management services, creation of consortia, as well as funding advice within the framework of European national and international projects. An efficient and sustainable Quality Management is also an integral part of our consultation.The focus in the European projects is currently on programs such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, ESF and Interreg. EureCons Förderagentur GmbH sees itself as an interface between consulting and research, as well as a door opener for Europe.

OpenCom aims to promote and increase knowledge and conscious use of “social communication” as fundamental function of existence, both at individual and in different social contexts level. It is a strategic tool for improving quality of choices, projects and services that public and private entities, citizens, associations, enterprises, shall put in place to reach their goals and objectives. OpenCom is also active in social communication, training, international cooperation with neighbour countries (Albania, Montenegro) and EU Member Countries (Malta, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Greece, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany). OpenCom is part of a large local Consortium, named “Arezzo Fashion” composed by High Schools, local NGOs and enterprises of different sectors. Thanks to its projects, OpenCom enhances European feeling of young people through international projects, where the youngest from all Europe play an active role in building intercultural dialogue and reciprocal respect of cultural diversity.

Multilateral Monitoring Management

NTIM (NTI-MMM Ltd) delivers WEB based services to facilitate monitoring, management and operation of transnational projects. The basic portfolio was branded MultiPass with the intention to cover the life span of projects from the application phase to the final reporting. The activities supported the implementation of Leonardo da Vinci and the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) – continued as Erasmus +. NTIM was established in 2006 as a spinoff from the former operator of the EU programme Leonardo da Vinci, The National Institute of Technology/Teknologisk Institutt (TI), and has been in operation as from 1 January 2007. Experiences from EU programme operation since 1995 form the core competences to organise and advise on the practical operation of transnational programmes and projects. As from 1996 the first project tracking service was implemented at the National Institute of Technology and was further developed into LeoPass in 2000, whereas the broader approach of multilateral monitoring and management of projects was extended into MultiPass and Rap4Leo on contract with the EU Commission’s LLP programme. The services have also covered mobility initiatives like Linking Up for new EU Member States and the bilateral German-Norwegian exchange programme Gjör det as well as Europass and a Partner Search Database. Over the last years NTIM has been involved in direct project operation, targeting European mobility activities and implementing ECVET principles in competence development, mapping and documentation. In cooperation with EUROMASC Ltd, NTIM continues the Leonardo da Vinci and LLP support activities with the use of ECVET principles in EQF oriented environments at national, sectoral and international levels.

Rete Teatrale Aretina is a network of seven organizations operating in performing arts. The network secretariat coordinates the activities of the members and offers professional services such as shared ticket office, communication and project development. The members have a large autonomy concerning artistic and productive choices, but they integrate their activities to face challenges of a very difficult environment for performing arts and to add a European dimension to their activities. The network through its members has a wide range of know how, skills, experiences and strategic alliances with local authorities, enterprises and other cultural entities all over Europe.

Seven companies are part of the network:
Diesis Teatrango: Cooperative in Social Theatre with actors suffering by physical and mental disabilities.
Libera Accademia di Teatro: Theatre Training centre in Arezzo working with professional and on professional actors.
Officine della Cultura: Specialised Cooperative in Music Theatre and other performing arts .
Teatro di Anghiari: Specialised company in training and storytelling where, among the many projects, it realized one of the most important Italian example of Community Theatre.
Teatro Popolare d’Arte: a company specialized in working with kids but also with inmate from local prisons.
Nata:Specialized in Commedia dell’Arte and kids theatre.