The Backstage gives you the tools that you need to become a theatrical technician recognized at European level!

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At your disposal 7 courses for thematic areas, with basic knowledge for the theatrical technician profession:

  1. scene planning
  2. light
  3. sound
  4. video
  5. security
  6. management
  7. communication and soft skills

 The participation in the 7 online courses is free.

  • Each course includes an initial self-evaluation test.
  • If all answers at the initial tests are correct, you are being directed at the final test.
  • Alternatively, you follow the online lessons and then attend the final test.
  • If the final test will be successful, you will get the attendance document for that specific unit.
  • Once having obtained the seven attendance documents, you will receive the Backstage Technician Final Certificate.

At the end of the online course, the four participants with the highest score in each country, will carry out an internship at theatres in Italy, Norway, Germany or Bulgaria (Spring of 2017).

Youthpass Certificate

Participants in mobilities abroad will receive the Youthpass Certificate. The document allows the recognition of acquired skills in Europe, increasing employment opportunities.

European Database of Theatrical Technician

All participants will be able to register at the European Database of Theatrical Technician, which aims to connect professionals with small and medium European theatres.

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