Video format based on the MPEG 4 standard. Commonly used for downloadable video files. Translation: Italian: DivX German: DivX Bulgarian: DivX Norwegian: DivX

Dolby Digital

A lossy compression system to deliver sound on DVDs, ATSC and DBS broadcasts in up to 5.1 channels. Also called AC-3. Translation: Italian: Dolby Digital German: Dolby Digital Bularian: Dolby Digital Norwegian: Dolby Digital


Digital Versatile Disc. Same physical size as a compact disc but has a capacity to hold a minimum of 4.7GB of data, 9.4GB if dual layer and/or dual sided. DVD-Video discs can hold about 4 hours of video on a dual layer disc depending upon the amount of compression applied. It uses MPEG-2 compression at … Read more


Joint Photographic Experts Group. Name of association that created the image file standard of the same name. A lossy compression scheme for storing high quality, full-color images. Also used as a video format under the guise M-JPEG of which a variant is used for DV video. Translation: Italian: JPEG German: JPEG Bulgarian: JPEG Norwegian: JPEG


Liquid Crystal Display. A display device for generating color images using a matrix of LCD pixel elements. Each pixel element consists of 3 sub-pixels and an RGB color filter of red (R), green (G), and blue (B). By controlling the voltage to each sub-pixel of an LCD, each cluster of RGB pixels can create a … Read more


Light Emitting Diode. A light generating technology that uses a semiconductor diode that emits monochromatic (single color) light when charged. LEDs are used in remote controls that are used to control electronic devices such as large displays. They are also used in pocket projectors as a light source, large outdoor electonic displays, and as indicators … Read more