DMX Universe

Maximum set of channels on a DMX cabling (512 channels). In a big lighting console we can have the possibility to manage multiple universes which however require more cablings. Translation: Italian: Universo DMX German: DMX Universe Bulgarian: Максимален набор от канали DMX (512 канала). Norwegian: DMX Universe

Line Output

An output that carries line-level signals. Translation: Italian: Uscita di linea German: Zeilenausgang Bulgarian: изход, който пренася сигнали с линейни нива Norwegian: Linje utgang


VGA is a display resolution measuring 640 horizontal pixels and 480 vertical pixels giving a total display resolution of 307,200 individual pixels. VGA has a 4:3 aspect ratio. Translation: Italian: VGA German: VGA Bulgarin: VGA – измерване на хоризонтални и вертикални пиксели Norwegian: VGA


Abbreviation for Very High Frequency. VHF pertains to a band or range of radio frequencies defined by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to be used for some television stations and a wide variety of wireless two-way communication systems. The frequency range of VHS is between 30 MHz and 300 MHz. Translation: Italian: VHF German: VHF Bulgarian: свръхвисока … Read more


Security zones that allow the evacuation of the audience and staff in case of danger. These areas must be marked with instructions issued by the safety standards and must always be kept clear. Translation: Italian: Via di fuga German: Flucht Bulgarian: изход за евакуация Norwegian: Sikkerhetssone

Component Video

Component Video is a method of delivering quality video (RGB) in a format that contains all the components of the original image. These components are referred to as luma and chroma and are defined as Y’Pb’Pr’ for analog component and Y’Cb’Cr’ for digital component. . It is comprised of luminance (Y) and two chrominance channels … Read more


Any aspect ratio that is wider than 4:3. Widescreen televisions are 16 units wide and 9 units tall. Common widescreen film aspect ratios are 1.66:1, 1.85:1 and 2:35:1. Translation: Italian: Widescreen German: Widescreen Bulgarian: ширина на екрана – всички пропорции,  по-широки от 4: 3. Norwegian: Widescreen


Trademarked name for circular 3-pin connectors developed by Cannon (now owned by ITT). “XLR” was originally nothing more than Cannon’s part designation for the connector, which meant “X Series,” “Latch,” and “Rubber.” In fact, you’ll also sometimes see these connectors referred to as “Cannon” connectors. XLR has since evolved into a generic industry term, and … Read more


1080i is ATSC high definition 1920 x 1080 interlaced video format where a frame of video is delivered in two fields. The first field contains the odd lines of the image, while the second field contains the even lines. Each field is updated every 1/60th of a second resulting in 30 frames of video per … Read more


Aspect ratio of an HDTV signal which is 16 units by 9 units, whatever size those units may be. In the film trade aspect ratios are described in relation to one, which means this aspect ratio is described as 16/9 or 1.78:1. Traslation: Italian: 16:09 German: 16:09 Bulgarian: 16:09 Norwegian: 16:09