ANSI Lumens

ANSI lumens is a measurement of the overall brightness of a projector. Because the center of a projected image is brighter than the corners, ANSI lumens is the most accurate representation of the image brightness. ANSI lumens are calculated by dividing a square meter image into 9 equal rectangles, measuring the lux (or brightness) reading … Read more


American National Standards Institute. A private organization that coordinates and administers various voluntary consensus standards such as ANSI lumens. The first ANSI standard was for pipe threading in 1919 when it was called the American Engineering Standards Committee. Translation: Italian: ANSI Deutsch: ANSI Bulgarian: Американски национален стандартизиращ институт Norwegian: ANSI


Open area that visually borders  the stage space visible from the FOH. Normally the proscenium arch is formed by the architectural structures of the theatre and is often closed by the curtain. Translation: Italian: Arco scenico German: Proszenium Bulgarian: авансцена Norwegian: Proscenium

Winch motor

Motorized winch, usually electric. Translation: Italian: Argano a motore German: Windenmotor Bulgarian: моторизирана лебедка, обикновено електрическа Norwegian: Motorisert vinsj


Mechanism for the weights lifting . It can be realized with gears or ropes on pulleys. Translation: Italian: Arcano German: Winde Bulgarian: лебедка Norwegian: Vinsj


Bordes placed above the proscenium arch that marks the top of the arch itself. It is part of the stage masking, it is a decorative element with a masking function. Translation: Italian: Arlecchino German: Arlecchino Bulgarian: Рамки/первази Norvegese: Harlequin


Integer multiples of a fundamental frequency, the fundamental itself being the first harmonic, its first overtone the second harmonic, etc. Attributing to instruments, voices, etc. their distinctive timbre Translation: Italian: Harmonics German: Oberwellen Bulgarian: хармоника Norwegian: Harmonisk

Mic Stand

An implement designed to hold a microphone in the proper position for capturing sound. There are several types, including straight stands, boom stands, short stands, desk stands, and more. In general, the height of the stand and the reach of the boom (if there is one) are adjustable. A mic stand may have a tripod … Read more


An additional output from a sound desk that can be used for foldback or monitoring without tying up the main outputs. Each input channel will have a path to the Aux buss. Also used for feeding a signal to an effects processor. Translation: Italian: Ausiliario German: Hilfs Bulgarian: спомагателен Norwegian: Auxiliary

Barn door

Metal accessory for lights, consisting of 4 independent elements (wings) that allow to reduce the light beam by shading. Translation: Italian: Bandiera paraluce German: Scheinwerfer-Flügeltor Bulgarian:  Капаци/крила на осветителното тяло Norwegian: Låvedører