Electricity connection single phase

Connection to a 230-volt electrical system. This type of connection allows limited powers. So, it is used for low power equipments (mixer, audio equipment, beamer etc.). Translation: Italian: Allaccio monofase German: Stromanschluss einphasig Bulgarian: връзка монофазен ток Norwegian: Elektrisk tilkobling, enfaset

Electricity connection three phase

Connection to a 400-volt electrical system for three phases. This allows you to use higher powers. The system used in theatres includes three phases, one neutral and one earth, so to be taken 3 times 230 volts between neutral and respective three phases. Translation: Italian: Allaccio trifase German: Stromanschluss dreiphasig Bulgarian: връзка трифазен ток Norwegian: … Read more

Passive speakers

2. An assortment of gear that might include speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, mixers, and various ancillary gear that provides sound for the engineer, producer, musicians, and others to hear. Translation: Italian: Altoparlanti passivi German: Passive Lautsprecher Bulgarian: пасивни високоговорители Norwegian: Passive høytallere

Lighting truss

Truss for light setting Translation: Italian: Americana luci German: Beleuchtung Bulgarian: клетка/панел за поставяне на осветление Norwegian: Lysrigg


Fixed or mobile support for installation of lighting or props. In general, it consists of an aluminum truss. Translation: Italian: Americana German: Traversen/Gerüst Bulgarian: панел Norwegian: Bindingsverk/rigg


In our domain of concern, truss generally refers to a metal frame used to hang light fixtures from. It generally comes in three main designs – flat, box, and tri – which describe the shape created by the frame. By virtue of their construction trusses are very strong and able to carry extremely heavy loads. … Read more


The extreme range of a signal. Usually measured from the average to the extreme. Translation: Italian: Ampiezza German: Amplitude Bulgarian: Амплитуда Norwegian:Amplitude


An electronic amplifier is a device for increasing the power of a signal. It does this by taking power from a power supply and shaping the output to match the input signal. This process invariably introduces some noise and distortion into the signal, and the process cannot be 100% efficient – amplifiers will always produce … Read more


A technique for changing aspect ratios by optically or digitally stretching or compressing an image to or from a format with a different native aspect ratio. Movie studios used this technique to put the first widescreen movies on standard 35mm film and then used an anamorphic lens to recreate the image in the widescreen format … Read more


System hosting lights or other equipment when trusses or flybars are not available.   Translation: Italian:Brackets German: Anschluss / Konsole bulgarian:  Система за светлини или друго оборудване